Thursday, October 18, 2012

Blogger Tried to Break Up With Me!

So, as many of you know, my blog was deleted yesterday. 

Apparently, the Blogger Team thinks that I'm a total spammer. 

Let me walk you through this....

Yesterday, I tried to purchase my domain through Blogger. I was really excited about taking this step and really being able to have full control of my blog. So, there I was, going through the steps in purchasing my domain, la de da de da.... I click "next" and suddenly I get this message: "We found an existing order for this domain. Please contact support."

Yeah, dillholes, it's my order that you found. Who else is buying the domain name for Awkwardly Alive and Pleasantly Peculiar?? Are you... are you cheating on me Blogger? Are you selling my domain name to other people???? 

So I tried all of these tricks and stuff to make Blogger realize that I'm the only one who wants to own that domain name. After nothing was working, and we were both just getting frustrated with one another, I went with the age old approach of walking away for  a little bit and coming back later.

Side note: Did any of you know that Blogger has no customer service via telephone? They just have forums that anyone (or in my case NO ONE) can answer. 

So I went back to my laptop an hour later, and as I logged in to Blogger, this message popped up telling me that I needed to verify my account because they believed it had been tampered with. 


So I go through that. I finally get logged in and AWKWARDLY ALIVE AND PLEASANTLY PECULIAR WAS GONE!!!! I was freaking out. It's like Blogger changed the locks after having given me a key to their apartment. 

I checked my email and found this message: 
Hello, Your blog at has been reviewed and confirmed as in violation of our Terms of Service for: SPAM. In accordance to these terms, we've removed the blog and the URL is no longer accessible. For more information, please review the following resources: Blogger Terms of Service: Blogger Content Policy: -The Blogger Team

Seriously? You think I'm a freaking spammer, Blogger? Don't you know me but at all?? Are you mad that I was trying to buy my domain from you? It's not like I was going to leave you, Blogger, I just wanted a little more control over my stuff! This is a very immature way to react, you know... 

So, I start going through the process of getting my blog restored (while freaking out via Twitter, obviously). I mean, I didn't necessarily want to get back together with Blogger at this point, but I still wanted my stuff, dammit. 

At this point, my good friend over at The Life I Live So You Don't Have To tweeted me and told me that she had been experiencing similar issues when she was with Blogger... So, that's when I started looking at my other options... and some of them seemed pretty nice. 

I also started collecting all of my old posts and saving them to my computer in Word documents so that I could repost them if I did end up leaving Blogger for another host... 

I think that's when Blogger started to panic, but I was too busy at work to deal with it. John Hamm and I went out for a beer when I got out of work and then Dragon, who felt really bad, invited me over to his place for dinner (frozen pizza) and a movie (Cabin In The Woods) to cheer me up. All of those things were very nice and I began to feel a bit better. 

The movie ended, and after having ignored my computer and Blogger for a few hours, I decided to check my email...

Hello, We have received your appeal regarding your blog Upon further review we have determined that your blog was mistakenly marked as a TOS violator by our automated system and, as such, we have reinstated your blog. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused in the meantime and thank you for your patience as we completed our review process. Thank you for understanding. Sincerely, The Blogger Team

Well, Blogger, thank you for returning to me so quickly. I really appreciate it. I'm still not sure I liked that side of you though... I'm going to need time to think.

Don't worry, readers. If I do end up leaving Blogger, you'll know where I go. I would never leave you without notice! 

On a totally separate note, thank you to everyone who clicked on the ads this week. All the money that I get from this blog this week is going to my boss for his foundation to fight against Triple Negative Breast Cancer! I'll be writing the check on Sunday, October 21st, so feel free to keep clicking until then! 


  1. LOL! Wordpress will be a much better partner...more respectful and won't leave you out in the cold or change the locks.

  2. Ugh, blogger sucks. Wordpress is awesome. If you want help moving to wordpress, hit me up. I'm a pro at moving blogs. :)

  3. THAT is scary. I bought mine through a host and had them redirect me to use blogger's software, after much begging my hosting service to do so. Wish I was tech savvy enough to use WP!! If you wouldn't mind me asking for a good host, I'd be forever grateful.