The People I Write About

These are my guest stars, my characters, my friends. If you want to get to know them a little better, just scroll down!

John Hamm is my best friend. 
She is awesome (hense the name), smart, and kind of a badass. 
John Hamm is the yin to my yang. In all the moments when I've 
done really weird things, she is there to tell me "oh, honey... no...."
or "oh dear God, why???" She keeps me alive.

Dragon is my boyfriend. In spite of his name, he is nowhere 
near  monstrous. He thinks I'm one of the weirdest people he 
could ever have loved, but love me he does.  Dragon really 
loves kitties.  He also deserves some credit to my being alive. 

Apollo is a dear friend of mine, whom I've known 
since the sixth grade. He is not adventerous. Apollo 
is a field auditor for a major company. Apollo does
not understand the ways of the world of Harry Potter.

Lemon is a dear sweet friend and co-worker of mine. 
I think it's fair to say that she is one of those ultimate
nerds, but in that really cool way. She's hilariously  
clever and I honestly believe that she has come up with
some of our best "Dear Diary: Greg" entries. 

Greg is the Greg from our "diary". He thinks that 
Lemon, John Hamm, and I are the weirdest girls 
on Earth, but secretly, he loves us and thinks we're
awesome. Greg is tall. Greg has tattoos. Greg wears
the same hat every single day. Greg is so cool...

Kelloggs is another old friend of mine. We met through
Apollo when we were in middle school. We hated each 
other for years at first, and then we forgot why. Now 
we're bros and co-workers, and we get tacos together 
every Tuesday after work while I wingman for him with
the hot waitresses that have the unfortunate experience of 
dealing with us every week. I apologize, waitresses.

Gumby is one of my other bestest friends. I call him for
all my animal questions. Most of our conversations are 
about my dog's poop now. Oh - Gumby is working on 
becoming a vet. 

Jane is my favorite starving artist. She is also the
owner of Gio's best friend, Eli. We hang at the dog
park every week together. She makes awesome 
crafty things that you can buy here. She also does
contact juggling, which is totally badass. 

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